Porcelain Unicorn

A short story that leaves you mesmerized and puzzled about the ways through humanity has gone through various stages of life.
German Boy

Trevor Teichmann

Capturing the idea of a simple German boy who is quite different from the rest and good at heart was made possible, thanks to Trevor Teichmann's efforts.
Jewish Girl

Fiona Perry

Keeping you informed about the current state of affairs and how it has forced her to keep on running, Fiona Perry effortlessly portrays the role of a young Jewish girl.
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Older Woman

Rita Zohar

Recalling an old friend and the essence of the unicorn, Rita Zohar takes on the role of the Jewish girl years after the story has moved from the incidents of war.

A Powerful Short Film Storyline

With a short run of over three minutes, Porcelain Unicorn conveys a lot in a matter of time. Taking on the theme of World War, this simple tale finishes things in style and showcases how a German kid did not plan on informing the authorities the moment he came across a Jewish girl.

Porcelain Unicorn, A Poignant Award-Winning Short Film

Bringing in important themes and creating a difference for the better, this particular movie manages to take things forward in the right manner. Thanks to that, it deserves all the applause that the world can offer.


"Never did I imagine that a short movie could leave a huge impact in my mind and make me want to watch it again."
Jean L Rogers
"A simple story of this nature roped into a short film is what can make an individual smile and think about the days that the world tries to forget."
Sandra B Workman
"A 3-minute movie with an interesting storyline, unique performances, and other essential aspects is my description for Porcelain Unicorn."
James C Howard


Parallel Lines Short Film

With short films creating an impact for the better, we can expect more to come out in the future and make us enter a different experience for a short span of time.
Release Date:
August 2010
Genre : 
Historical / Drama

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Anticipated Movies

The Most Anticipated Movies Coming Out In 2021

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic most of the movies that was supposed to come out in the year 2020, were pushed to be released in 2021. In this guide, I am going to be talking about some of the most anticipated movies coming out in the year 2021. Some of these movies are going to blow up box offices and our minds.

  1. The very first one that I would like to talk about would be an entry from Disney. 'Raya And The Last Dragon' it's going to be spectacular. The trailer looks amazing. I have high hopes for Disney. Disney has never failed to deliver, and I am sure that this movie will do really well as well. They are rolling out the movie on their popular streaming platform Disney plus and they will also be putting the movies in theatres all around the world. I highly suggest you wear a mask and take some hand sanitiser and make sure that your safety is paramount.
  2. The next one would be Godzilla versus King Kong. I have no idea what to expect from this movie. It is basically an overgrown gorilla fighting a primordial nuclear being who has been on planet Earth for more than 250 million years old. Well, the trailer looks spectacular, and Kong seems to have had a growth spurt when compared to Kong Skull Island. I have no idea how Kong is going to fare against Godzilla's atomic breath. I also have no idea why they are fighting, but as a true fan of this particular universe, I am sure that I am going to enjoy this movie to the fullest. I am definitely on team Godzilla.

King Kong

  1. The next one is going to be one of the best movies of the whole year. 'A Quiet Place 2' was supposed to come out in March 2020. It was pushed twice. It is now coming out on 23rd of 2021. The first entry was mind-blowing and amazing. I am pretty sure the second one will do good as well. This movie will focus on the events that take place when the earth is taken over by a race of aliens who do not have to gift of sight, but have a powerful hearing. It will immediately presume after the events of part 1.
  2. 'Black Widow' from Marvel Studios was also supposed to come out in 2020. But it didn't, because of the coronavirus pandemic. We will see Natasha Romanoff on the big screen again.
  3. I simply cannot express how excited I am for Tom Holland's Spiderman 3. He is by far my favourite Spiderman, and he's going to be reprising his role as Spiderman in the Marvel cinematic universe. I am sure he will do a spectacular job when it comes to impressing us with his Spidey senses and Peter tingle.